Canadian Marketing Data

If your company is seeking international business opportunities, look no further than Arsenal Direct Marketing. We can help your company reach new and perspective businesses or consumers in Canada. Our Canadian Marketing data is the most complete and up to date. 

Finding Canadian Marketing Data

When searching for Canadian Marketing Data, Arsenal Direct Marketing provides you with the same quality services and products as our national options. Our database can create the ideal Canadian mailing list for you, by searching by a number of criteria such as industry type, business size, sales volume, executive title, and location.

Canadian How we Compile and Verify Our Data

We gather our information from a multitude of directory, business filings, utility connections, press releases, corporate websites, annual reports, user-generated feedback, and Canadian Yellow Page directories. This information is then entered into our database as verified and up to date information. Because we maintain an intimate knowledge of our sources and complete control over our compilation processes, so we are able to continually improve our methods to ensure the best data possible.

Who Uses Canadian Mailing Lists? 

The Canadian Business database is perfect for any business that wants to increase its sales opportunities with businesses in Canada. Ideal businesses include:
  • Exports
  • Manufacturers
  • Economic Development Agencies
  • Government Agencies