Midwest Bankruptcy Data

Do you have a service that you can offer to those who are going through bankruptcy, but don’t know how to reach out to those people? Arsenal Direct Marketing can help you access Midwest Bankruptcy Data. Here at Arsenal we have the ability to help you target individuals and groups going through bankruptcy.

Find Midwest Bankruptcy Data

Forming new relationships is a priority for individuals and businesses that have filed for or just come out of bankruptcy. To rebuild a good credit record, these great prospects are actively looking for new companies to do business with. You can create a customized consumer or business bankruptcy mailing list by searching bankruptcy type, status, filing date, discharge/dismissal data, date added to database, and geography.

How We Compile and Validate Our Data

Government and public bankruptcy records are some of the most closely monitored, comprehensive and updated systems. Arsenal Data Lists uses those records for your advantage. Our bankruptcy database pulls records from various U.S. federal, county, and local courthouses, ensuring that you have the most reliable and accurate data.

Who Uses our Data?

The Bankruptcy specialty list is an important tool for businesses that market financial and consumer-related products and services, such as:
  • Attorneys
  • Credit Companies 
  • Banks & Lenders
  • Debt Counseling Services