Your Email Campaign

Arsenal Direct Marketing offers a range of services when sending and tracking your email campaign. For one, we can send the emails for you! Many company email servers get marked for sending spam, or can’t handle it, because they are not designed for mass email marketing.

Creating Your Campaign is Easy.

From targeting your ideal market to creating your mailing list, our experts at Arsenal Data Lists will be with you every step of the way. Our databases are the most complete in the industry. That means that our information is the most accurate and current data available for both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C).

Targeted data lists

Email marketing has never been so easy. Arsenal Direct Marketing helps you build your email campaign so you can get precisely the right email design you want.

Email Templates Made to Order

We are her for you every step of the way, this includes the design phase of your campaign. Arsenal can help you brainstorm, design, and create your perfect email.

Sending Your Email Campaign

If you have decided that buying a data list is something you are interested in, or have already bought a list, your next step is sending those emails. However, sending hundreds or thousands of emails from your Gmail or Exchange account is not going to work. Arsenal Direct Marketing as a specialized email server that can handle even the most robust and large email list.

SPAM-Free Email Addresses

All of our email addresses are processed to verify they are deliverable to a real person. This process also allows your mail to not end up in a junk folder. 

Privacy Protection

We adhere to all industry privacy guidelines. This insures that your data, and the consumers, is protected and valued.

Tracking Your Email Campaign

Once you have compiled and created your campaign then sent it out to your targeted audience, you might want to know how well the campaign is doing. That is where we come in, we can offer you a variety of campaign analytics for you. Our software can show the open rate, conversions, link clicks and page visits from your Email Campaign.

Expert Help

Our marketing experts deploy hundreds of thousands of email campaigns annually. So no matter what comes up, we can can quickly deal with any problems. 

Secure Online Reporting

Monitoring the health of your campaign is important for your understanding of results. From emails sent and bounced, click through and unsubscribes, we track it all.